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We all know how a good cover letter can help you land a great job. The product “Amazing Cover Letters” is resume generator software that can help you creating such cover letters automatically and in a small amount of time. The software comes with various pre-written cover letters and you need to feed your relevant information into the software, customize it to suit your needs and then can easily generate new and unique resumes every time. The program contains different styles of cover letters targeted to various markets, positions or situations. The software is easy to install on Windows Operating system and for other operating systems like Mac and Linux an online service for generating your custom resumes is provided. The product package also contains three e-guides e.g. Top 3 Award-Winning Resume Cover Letter Templates, Amazing Job Interview Success and The BIG 3 Salary Negotiation Secrets.

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Popularity Factor
Product Launch Date 2003-02-11 00:00:00
Type of payment One Time Payment
Author/Creator Jimmy Sweeney
Category Employment & Jobs - Cover Letter & Resume Guides

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